Economic and commercial exploitation of results

Completing the business plan of the NH3end project gives the kick-off for the following steps:

With the completion of the workpackages and the already documented increase of the methane yield by 30% with the same supply to the AD units, a spin off company is established with QLAB and AUTh as main shareholders and for the purpose of commercial utilization of the capital (bioaugmentation know-how, operation management, development of a specialized biogas controller unit and consulting of biogas plants) developed. The name of the newly established company will be “Q-methane”.

Q-methane will promote its product to all interested parties (such as biogas plant units, investors, etc.). Furthermore, its activity will expand to Cyprus and the Balkan countries where the provision of such services is currently served by foreign companies such as Germany, Italy, Netherlands and Denmark at a much higher cost than that of Q-methane services are estimated.

The philosophy of Q-methane will be completely “friendly” to the prospective customer. An on-site study of the characteristics of the unit, the power supply and the other parameters it will give a report which will detail the financial benefit that the unit will have with the use of its services on an annual basis. The fee for its services will correspond to 15% of the benefit that the biogas plant will receive after the implementation of the NH3end scenario.Finally, within the framework of NH3end, a draft description of the prototype reactor of the unit will be submitted to EPO.

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