Expected results

The successful outcome of the project is expected to have the following results for the participating company:

Improving the operation and efficiency of biogas plants. Qlab maintaining exclusivity in the availability of new innovative biocarriers with very advanced features for biogas units, will become an important factor shaping the market of these products. Optimum operating conditions will help stabilize the anaerobic digestion process. This fact will improve a number of operational parameters and the general operation of the units, thus reducing the risks arising from the use of seasonal feeds. Continuous research in this direction will secure Qlab’s consulting action in waste treatment plants.

Development of a new field of activity of the Qlab company in the field of 3D-printing, which is considered the future of the production of materials and prototypes, specializing in biocarriers. However, Qlab can expand into other innovative materials through emerging cutting-edge technologies in 3D printing (which it is already pursuing).

By developing innovative biocarriers that will guarantee the most efficient operation of aerobic and anaerobic digestion systems, Qlab will be able to provide innovations to its existing customers while expanding its customer base to biogas producers and plants waste treatment.

Marketable 3D-biocarriers. With the successful application of the biocarriers that will be developed and designed in the specific project, there will be the possibility of the standardization and commercial exploitation of Greek improvement products for biogas units and wastewater treatment units, for the first time. Currently, the specific products are sourced from abroad. In this way, the trade deficit that exists in the specific matter will be reduced and possibly there will be exports in the future, significantly improving the viability of the mentioned businesses.

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